Real Estate Concierge Service

“Our System for Your Success”

In business, having systems is a key for success.

The Flow of Information in a timely, efficient and personally catered manor is the way of the future and the essence of the Real Estate Concierge Service. 

This Concierge Service is all about catering to your needs on a personal and individual basis, thus building an effective and fun relationship that delivers you results, and provides you satisfaction!

Using my Real Estate Concierge Service, verse you working hard hunting down deals, is not only a lot easier on your stress level, and time management, but it offers buyers like you unparalleled competitive advantages, and peace of mind,  by knowing you have an experienced and connected Real Estate Concierge Service personally dedicated to locating and delivering you specific Real Estate deals that you desire.  We go to work for you daily!

That’s what we are all about here at, working hard for you daily…….not cutting corners, but using technology, relationships, and teamwork  to save you the time, money, and hassle it normally  takes to locate and purchase quality discounted Real Estate in South Florida.
When we do our job, you win at the game of investing.

The Real Estate Concierge Service is to make you a successful investor.  How you may ask?

By Joining The Real Estate Concierge Service, you are becoming the member of an exclusive investment club where membership affords you the privileges of direct access to me, my team, and of course the world class Concierge Experience.

Besides this, and our incredible connections and years of experience selling hundreds of deals, we now use a proprietary software program that I personally designed which searches our inventory and matches you to the exact deals you are looking for.

Once you join our cash buyers list, or any time you desire, we email you a form where you can input what your buying criteria is.  I actually prefer to meet with you face to face so  I can personally serve you, but if not possible, the form I designed allows for you  to input your Counties, Cities, Types of Properties, and much more specific buying criteria that will allow me to match you to deals in inventory or elsewhere.

Once we get to know you and how to serve you we will begin to go to work for you as your Real Estate Concierge.  Once we locate opportunities that meet your requests we will personally alert you with a phone call that we have a property matched to you. We will send you information and answer your questions so that you can make an informed decision as to if you want to make an offer for purchase.

As your Real Estate Concierge we will be handling all the negotiations, paperwork, closing arrangements, and coordination of events for you.

The bottom line is that we want to get to know how we can serve you. We want to then go and deliver you what you desire. That sums up simply the Real Estate Concierge Service.

We are a Full Service Concierge, as well. Cars, Art, Watches, Dates, Travel, you name it, we can Concierge it for you.  Inquire for more details. The Best part is Membership is FREE!

Yours Truly,

Richard Burdette