What We Do!

Our Name says it all! OFF MLS DEALS.com. This is what we are focused on 100%. Locating and Selling Off Market and Off MLS investment properties. Our Deals are ONLY Seen Here! They are Exclusive to our Brand. No Daisy Chain either. You are negotiating directly with the seller.  Lowest Price Guarantee! I can guarantee you are paying the lowest price, Wholesale! So are you ready to start buying? If you have not already, Join My Cash Buyers List.

Once you do, I will begin to email and text message you our newest deals! Using “Our System For Your Success”, you will get matched to deals in our inventory by our special software based on the buying criteria you input. You will find that we sell Single Family, Multi Family, Land, and Commercial Real Estate Deals in South Florida. When you see a deal that you like, we are easy to reach. You can call, email, text, live chat, or use our new app on your smart phone to see our deals 24/7.

Through strategic positioning and effective marketing, I am able to create value for you by saving you time and money. I accomplish this by offering you the opportunity to buy off market investment properties fast, the hassle free way, at the rock bottom prices you’ve been searching for. I invented this brand to offer a cutting edge, personally catered, ultra efficient way for buyers to buy properties and do it like no one else can. And through doing so, build a loyal following and word of mouth referral base. I am an investor myself. I invented the brand to cater to people like myself. My company will continue to thrive, innovate, and create value for our customers. This brand is being built by an industry insider who faces the same challenges as you do and looks for ways to solve or mitigate them in my favor. I have and will continue to put all my experience, creativity, and customer feedback into developing the best wholesale property company and buying experience in South Florida.

We appreciate your patronage and thank you in advance for your business!

Yours Truly,

Richard Burdette, Founder

OffMLSdeals.com, “Where Professional Buyers Buy”